Thanks for your interest in The Midnight Candle Company fundraising program.

How it works

 It is our goal to offer a fundraising program that is fair, simple and rewarding.

  • Your organization name will be on the homepage of as a current fundraising campaign.
  • Any customer shopping at will have the option to support your cause at checkout through a drop down menu of current fundraising campaigns.
  • We will add a link to your website (If you choose) so customers can learn more information about your organization.
  • Upon completing an order, all customers will receive an email receipt and confirmation of the group they supported. Candles will be shipped directly to customers within 2 days of their order. All candles are individually boxed.
  • Your organization will receive 20% of sales. This 20% is NOT an additional cost for customers; each customer will pay the same price whether or not they chose to support a fundraising campaign.
  • You will receive a detailed list of sales via email each week and a check will be sent to you at the end of your fundraising campaign (unless other arrangements have been made).

All you need to do is share and promote

We have social media content available for you to use or you can make your own content and promote as you choose.


Thank you for choosing Midnight Candle Company for your fundraising needs.                                        Examples of social media content provided

We’re so happy to help!


Matt and Christine


Please contact us with any questions by Clicking Here.


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