Our Candles

Our Candles

Each Midnight Candle is given individual attention and hand-poured by an experienced candlemaker. Generous portions of high-quality fragrance oil  are used and provide a strong natural aroma that lasts for the life of the candle. We choose our materials and ingredients with a focus on performance and safety.


Paraffin wax has the ability to hold about twice the amount of fragrance oil as other waxes, including soy and beeswax, making it the best choice for making scented candles. Paraffin is available in many different melting points. We blend our wax to achieve a melting point that will create an evenly burning candle that lasts for hours.  Paraffin is a by-product that is derived from refining lubricating oil.  It will continue to exist no matter what.  If it’s not re-used in things like candles, crayons, spa treatments, electrical insulation and more, it would end up in  landfills around the world.


To ensure that the wicks remain centered and burning when lit, we use a pre-waxed wick with a zinc core. All wicks are secured to the bottom of the glass container and centered throughout the entire candle.


Glass is used for both safety and visual aesthetics while the candle is burning.

Fragrance Oil

We use the maximum amount of the best oil we can find, ensuring the wonderful aroma you enjoy lasts the whole life of your candle. All fragrance oils used are candle safe, free of phthalates and approved by the National Candle Association.

Trim the wick

The wisp of smoke you sometimes see when a candle is initially lit is caused by fact that only the wick is burning and the wax hasn’t begun melting yet. This creates incomplete combustion and may take a few minutes for this process to stabilize and then become a steady teardrop flame.

Since all Midnight Candles are poured by hand, there may be variations in appearance, such as shades of color. Please understand that any noticeable differences between candles will not affect the performance, nor does it reflect the amount of fragrance oil used.

All Midnight Candles are backed by a quality guarantee for the life of the candle.


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